Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can happen in any partner relationship.  It is usually women who experience domestic abuse, but men are abused too.  Domestic abuse is a pattern of intimidating behaviour.  It does not have to include physical violence.  It can be psychological, emotional or sexual abuse and can also include other types of controlling behaviour:-

  • isolating you from your family and friends
  • frightening you
  • keeping you short of money
  • humiliating you
  • demanding sex from you
  • threatening to hurt your children


Children are often present and witness the abuse and it can affect children in serious and long lasting ways.  Children will often blame themselves for domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can teach children to use violence or abuse.  Where there is domestic abuse there is often child abuse. Children learn how to keep inappropriate secrets and can learn to mistrust those close to them.  They may lose respect for the non-violent parent, lose self confidence and have problems at school.


Abuse is difficult to talk about.  Telling someone can be an important step towards support, protection and recovery.


You will find more information and advice on the Fife Domestic and Sexual Abuse Partnership web pages.


Help is available from

Fife Women's Aid    Telephone Support: 0808 802 5555          


Shakti Fife (ethnic minority women) 01592 583677

National Domestic Abuse Helpline  0800 027 1234

Police 101

Social Work Services Contact Centre 03451 551503

Childline  0800 1111

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