Fife Child Protection Committee

Fife Child Protection Committee

Fife Child Protection Committee

Fife Child Protection Committee meets approximately every 2 months.  At these business meetings members discuss both national and local child protection matters.  The Committee scrutinises the work of the Working Groups and of the CPC Support Team. 
Fife Child Protection Committee may, at any stage, establish a Working Group to progress the work of the CPC on any issue on its behalf. Membership of such Working Groups will be by agreement of the CPC and may include individuals drawn from outwith the CPC itself.
Representation on Fife Child Protection Committee comes from the main services and agencies with direct responsibilities for, or interest in, matters of child protection across Fife.  Representatives must have sufficient delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of their agency in the course of the work of the CPC, including achievement of the objectives of the agreed annual plan.   They will fully  participate in the business life of the CPC and its working groups between meetings and ensure that decisions of the CPC and the implications of such decisions are communicated to and understood by staff/officers at all levels within their respective service/agency. 


The Chairperson will be appointed by the Chief Officers' Public Safety Group.  The current Chairperson is Alan Small, Joint Independent Chair of the Child Protection and Adult Support & Protection Committees and is Chair of the MAPPA Strategic Oversight Group.  The Chairperson will ensure that meetings are run competently and that the CPC fulfils its functions.  The Chairperson reports to, and is in attendance at, the Chief Officers' Public Safety Group (COPS).


Member agencies will ensure that inter-agency strategies and plans agreed by the CPC are implemented within their services/agencies and report on such implementation to the CPC as appropriate.  Services/Agencies will also implement the Fife Child Protection Committee Inter Agency Child Protection Guidance in all parts of their services/agencies, and monitor and report on progress to the CPC.


Services/Agencies will work together to facilitate inspection and audit processes and to act on agreed recommendations.  They will commit to maintaining high quality inter-agency standards of practice and behaviour by services/agencies and individuals; and be committed to information sharing to assist in the delivery of high quality services.  Services/Agencies will also work to resolve inter-agency operational issues which are brought to their attention.


Services/Agencies will actively support and commit to the CPC strategic inter-agency child protection training programme and will ensure that staff training needs in child protection are identified within their service/agency and measures are put in place to provide opportunities to meet those needs, consistent with this programme.


 Meetings of Fife Child Protection Committee are scheduled  as follows:


Thursday 21 November 2019

Thursday 20 February 2020

Thursday 02 April 2020

Thursday 18 June 2020

Thursday 27 August 2020

Thursday 08 October 2020

Thursday 26 November 2020

All meetings of Fife Child Protection Committee and the Working Groups are minuted.  CPC minutes are considered to be public documents and can be viewed at the link below.  All Committee papers are held by the CPC Support Team.  CPC members will arrange for minutes to be circulated to relevant staff within their service/agency and ensure that relevant tasks/actions from the work of the CPC are appropriately actioned.




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