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Officer Support for the Child Protection Committee


Support for the CPC will be provided by key members of staff who will report directly to the CPC Chair.  They will collectively form the CPC Support Team. Child protection must be seen as part of everyone’s job and must be given a high priority by all services/agencies working with children and families.  There is however a need for specific support for the CPC in the following capacities:


The Lead Officer works with the CPC in the delivery of it's core business functions along with the Chair to ensure the effective operation of the CPC and with agencies to co-ordinate cross-service initiatives and programmes. The Lead Officer isresponsible for maintaining an independent overview of inter-agency child protection activity and takes the lead role in ensuring continuous improvement..   


The Child Protection Committee Support Team is currently based Police HQ, Detroit Road, Glenrothes, KY6 2RJ and are available  Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. 


Office telephone - 01592 583251          


CPC Chair - Alan Small - alan.small@fife.gov.uk


Lead Officer  - Viv Boyle -  viv.boyle@fife.gov.uk


Support Officer - Kath Collins -  kath.collins@fife.gov.uk


Support Assistant - Nicola Buchanan - Nicola.Buchanan-BS@fife.gov.uk


Workforce Development Officer - Diane Roth - diane.roth@fife.gov.uk


Child protection training applications to  e-mail - fife.childprotection@fife.gov.uk



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