Links to other Helpful Organisations


 If you want to talk to someone you can speak to a Social Worker at the Social Work Services Contact Centre on 03451 551503. 

You can also get advice from the Police Tel. 101

There are other organisations who can give you advice and further information.  The following links will take you to their external websites.



Barnardo's - a voluntary organisation which promotes children and young people's right to be free from poverty, abuse and discrimination.

Type "child protection" into the search facility on the website to get further info on Barnardo's approach to child protection in the UK.


Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre - part of UK police and is dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse.


Children 1st  - a voluntary organisation which works with families under stress to protect children and promote their rights.  Follow the links to "fact sheets" (yellow tab) from the main page to get further info about Children 1st's approach to child protection in Scotland.


Children and Young People Now - a national organisation which provides information to professionals covering a wide range of issues that affect children and young people.


Child Line - a free and confidential help line for children and young people experiencing a problem.  Follow the link for "Help and Advice" on the left hand side of the webpage.  A list of issues related to child protection in Scotlandwill be displayed on the right hand side of the web page.


Child Safe - an international charity which provides practical advice and support to individual's and organisations to promote the safety, welfare and care of children and young people.


Fife Gingerbread is associated with One Parent Families and offers support and advice to one parent families across Fife.


Kidscape works with individuals and organisation across the UKto help prevent bullying and child sexual abuse.  Follow the link "Downloads".  Of specific interest to child protection is the information contained within the "Child Safety Pack".


LGBT Youth Scotland  works toward the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in the life of Scotland. They provide a range of services, information and advice for young people, families and professionals.  Click on "Advice" for a list addressing issues of child protection for this LGBT youth


NHS 24 - the National Health Service website provides information and advice on health related issues.  Type "child protection" into the search facility. Move down to the blue section for child protection information and advice.


NSPCC Inform-  a free, specialised online child protection resource which provides information, access to research, facts and figures about child protection issues for young people and adults, including parents and professionals.


Save the Children - an independent worldwide charity which aims to fight for children's rights.  Type "child protection" into the search facility to learn more about child protection and children's rights issues throughout the world.


SCCYP(Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People) promotes and safeguards the rights of children and young people living in Scotland.  The website provides information, and an extensive range of links to relevant websites concerning child protection issues.


Scottish Child Law Centre -  promotes knowledge and use of Scots law and children's rights for the benefit of children and young people in Scotland. 


The Children's Charter sets out the Scottish Governments commitment to children and young people and outlines what children and young people need and expect to help protect them when they are in danger of being, or already have been, harmed by another person.


The Hideout is run by Women's Aid and aims to provide help, information and support for children and young people who are affected by domestic violence.


Think U Know- an online resource aimed at giving advice to children, young people, parents, carers and professionals on how to stay safe online.


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - outlines the responsibilities of governments, parents, and other adults who work for and with children and young people.


Who Cares? Scotland - a voluntary organisation working with children and young people in care. They offer advocacy and support.  Follow the link to "Publications" for information including cares standards, child protection and rights of children and young people in care.


Women's Aid  - a UKnational charity which works to end domestic violence against women and children


Young Scot - offers information for 12 - 16 year olds; includes arts, jobs and careers, housing, sport and leisure





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