Significant Case Reviews


Fife Child Protection Committee (CPC) is committed to corporate learning through a variety of means.


A key aspect of corporate learning is the undertaking of Significant Case Reviews. To support this the CPC has an established Case Review Working Group. This partnership group considers the identification of cases where there may be opportunities for corporate learning, considering these cases and undertakes case reviews where appropriate on behalf of Chief Officers. In Fife the initial decision making in respect of this area of responsibility is delegated to the Case Review Working Group. This group report any recommendations to the CPC for discussion and agreement, who then report to Chief Officers.


A Significant Case Review is a multi-agency process for establishing the facts of a situation where a child has died or been significantly harmed, within a child protection context, in order to learn lessons. Significant Case Reviews are seen in the context of a culture of continuous improvement and focus on learning and reflection around day to day practices, and the systems within which practice operates.

Please note that SCRs are only available on this page for one year after publication. If you would like a receive a copy of archived published SCR summary reports please send your request to :  .



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