National Framework for CP Learning


In November 2012 the Scottish Government published the National Framework for Child Protection Learning and Development in Scotland.  A copy is also available at the link below.


The National Framework places a responsibility on services and agencies to ensure that their staff have the right skills and knowledge they require to undertake the key task of keeping children safe and to support agencies and services in Fife to meet this responsibility a number of papers have been developed which can be found below.


The overarching paper (pdf copy) provides information on the Framework, the wider context of learning and development, the workforce groups, and the competences, knowledge and skills that each workforce group should possess. The multi agency workforce considered in the Framework includes: paid and unpaid workers / volunteers; those working in a variety of roles that support children, young people and adults; those working directly and indirectly with children and young people (including young people over the age of 16 who are still subject to a supervision requirement via the Children’s Hearing System and those who still need intervention to protect them); and those working with other family members such as parents / carers (including through a range of services which may be working with these adults).



In addition to the overarching paper three checklists have been provided as a means by which managers can engage withteams and individuals as part of ongoing learning and development through a supervisory process. The checklists can be used to stimulate discussion and identify gaps in learning.  Where gaps are identified managers can direct staff to consider the opportunities afforded by the Child Protection Committee multi- agency training calendar and/or through their own service/agency internal training calendar, and consider other ways in which identified needs can be met. The checklists are available below as word documents.




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