Venue - School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Kirkcaldy

Time - 9.30 am - 3.30 pm


Aim - To enable practitioners to better understand the impact of neglect on children and what options for engagement are likely to lead to more positive outcomes.


 Learning Outcomes – oncompletion of this training participants should be able to: 


  • Define the various types of neglect and the implications for child development
  • Explain the various factors which may impact on the parent’s ability to meet their child’s needs
  • Identify the difficulties for effective engagement in neglect situations and how these might be overcome via effective assessments and analysis
  • Explain how early identification and coordinated intervention using GIRFEC can lead to positive outcomes for children who experience neglect.


Target Group - This is a one day introductory course aimed at all practitioners in the general workforce category who would be interested in a more detailed exploration of neglect and how it might impact on a child’s development and wellbeing.


 Available dates -  


Wedensday 25 September 2019

Thursday 21 November 2019

Friday 31 January 2020

Tuesday 24 March 2020


All Fife Council employees should book via the Corporate Learning Management System.   The link can be found at the bottom of the FISH home page.  


Other partner organisations can book by following the link to our online  booking form.  Your place will be confirmed by e-mail.


If you require further help with booking please  contact the CPC Support Team at or 01592 583251


Fife Child Protection Committee 6 key themes animation


A copy of the full Fife Inter Agency Child Protection Training Programme for 2018 - 2019 can be accessed at the link below. 

Participants at recent multi agency training will have been directed to this page where you will find some addtional information on neglect issues in the publications listed below.










These are the links to the film clips used in the training:


Experiences Build Brain Architecture

Serve & Return Interaction Shapes Brain Circuitry

Still Face Experiment


Further information for practitioners is available on the neglect page.




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