Domestic Abuse and Child Protection

(Specific Contact Workforce)

Safe and Together is an evidence based model which focuses on harm to children and supports the non-abusing parent in cases of domestic abuse.  This child centred model identifies harm to children, as well as protective and resilience factors.  It looks at the facts of the case including behavioral patterns of the perpetrator, protective efforts of the non-abusing parent and how these interrelate, and looks specifically at the adverse impact on the children.  It is designed to support and enhance practice and will be used alongside existing child protection guidelines and GIRFEC obligations.   


Domestic Abuse and Children's Safety (Safe & Together Model)

The aim of this course is for participants to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the nature and scope of domestic abuse, its impact and consequences and its intersections with child safety, wellbeing and protection through the Safe and Together approach.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of the training participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the dynamics and impact of domestic abuse on mothers and children
  • Demonstrate awareness of the links between domestic abuse, child welfare and protection
  • Understand the Safe and Together approach to domestic abuse


Target Group

This course is aimed at practitioners working with children who are experiencing domestic abuse.  it is suitable for practitioners who work with children, young people, vulnerable people, victims/survivors of abuse and perpetrators.


For details on dates and venues Fife Council employees should refer to CLMS (course code SW4470) and non-Fife Council staff and volunteers should email




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