Introduction to CAPSM

 "Most parents and carers who drink alcohol or use drugs do so in moderation and don't present an increased risk of harm to their children (Cleaver et al, 2011).  However, parents and carers who misuse substances often have chaotic, unpredictable lifestyles and may struggle to provide their children with safe care and clear boundaries." NSPCC


Introduction to CAPSM (Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse)


Please note this is an INTRODUCTION level course, it is aimed to start your thinking and understanding of the impact of parental substance misuse on children and young people.


The aim of this training is to increase participants knowledge and understanding of child protection in relation to parental substance misuse.


Learning Outcomes


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand different personal and professional values and how this may impact on practice
  • Recognise the potential and actual impact of parental substance misuse on children
  • Understand the reasons why appropriate information sharing is essential at an intra and inter-agency level
  • Understand the recovery journey and what that might mean for the child


Target Group

All frontline staff and managers in the public, private and voluntary sectors including health, social work, education, police, housing, community services and the voluntary sector.


Venue - School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Kirkcaldy

Time - 9.30am - 3.30pm


Available Dates


Wednesday 13 November 2019


All Fife Council employees should book via the Corporate Learning Management System.  The link can be found at the bottom of the FISH home page.   


Other partner organisations can book by following the link to our online booking form.  Your place will be confirmed by e-mail.


If you require further help with booking please contact the CPC Support Team at or 01592 583251.


A copy of the full Fife Inter Agency Child Protection Training Programme  can be accessed at the link below. 


Fife Child Protection Committee 6 key themes animation



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