TAXI and private hire car operators, travellers and a host of other groups recently got their say on how travelling by this mode of transport can be made even better for everyone. Seminars were held in Kirkcaldy and Leven to discuss drawing up Best Practice Guidelines for Taxi Travel. They were attended by not just members of the taxi industry, but officers from Fife Community Safety Partnership, the Police, Fife Women’s Network, the council’s Transportation Service, and members of the public. Discussions ranged from how taxi operator's can enhance customer care to ensuring customers are courteous and respectful towards taxi drivers. Views were also expressed by some operators on proposals to only allow saloon cars under eight years to operate as taxis. These are being passed on as part of the consultation on how the scheme can best be implemented. The idea of the seminar came about after a “Safer Travel for Women” survey, where some women had raised concerns about travelling by taxi – especially in relation to the risk of bogus operators. This is being addressed through the introduction of more distinctive plates. But it is also felt there is a particular need to reassure more vulnerable passengers. Said Community Safety Chair Councillor Andrew Keddie: “Taxis and private hire cars provide a vital service. They are also ambassadors for tourists and visitors to the Kingdom. “We wanted to find out, both from operators and travellers the best way to develop guidelines to ensure high standards of customer care and customer courtesy are maintained. “This is particularly important when women and vulnerable people are passengers. “These discussions will help us to develop Best Practice Guidelines which should build on the high standards of most operators to create a universally excellent service across Fife.”
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